Collection: Milleninum Brown Rice

Sennen Genmai (Millennium Brown Rice)
Sennen Genmai is a new brand from Tsuji Farm, which specializes in organic rice production.

It is produced with the intention of enriching people's dietary life by providing them with truly delicious and safe brown rice.

Brown rice has been attracting attention in recent years as a healthy food that is particularly rich in nutrients, especially vitamins B and dietary fiber, found in higher amounts in brown rice than in white rice.

Sennen Genmai Packed Rice is ready to eat fluffy rice pressure cooked with brown rice organically grown at Tsuji Farm, allowing you to enjoy the nutritional benefits of the rice in its entirety.


New method of rice cultivation

We use this historic land to create and develop rice products that excite people today, as well as the techniques and ideas that produce them.

The rich nature, environment and ecosystems are the soil that produce our excellent agricultural products.

We use drones and sensors to collect climate, soil, and crop health data to improve our crops.

Every autumn, we gather with our friends and family to celebrate and share the joy of the harvest with food, art and music. We enjoy building our farm upon the celebrations of each year.  

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