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つじ農園|Tarafuku Rice Farm

千年玄米パックごはん プレミアムギフトセット

千年玄米パックごはん プレミアムギフトセット

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Sennenn Genmai Premium Gift Set

Sennen Genmai is a new brand from Tsuji Farm, which specializes in organic rice production. It is produced with the intention of enriching people's dietary life by providing them with truly delicious and safe brown rice. Brown rice has been attracting attention in recent years as a healthy food that is particularly rich in nutrients, especially vitamins B and dietary fiber, found in higher amounts in brown rice than in white rice. Sennen Genmai Packed Rice is ready to eat fluffy rice pressure cooked with brown rice organically grown at Tsuji Farm, allowing you to enjoy the nutritional benefits of the rice in its entirety.

Sennen Genmai Premium Gift Set (3pacs x 160 g Pre-cooked Brown rice)

Organic farming

The raw brown rice used for Sennen Genmai is 100% organic rice produced on our farm.

We practice organic farming methods to produce delicious rice, which we have been researching since 2016, only on carefully selected farmland.
Organic farming requires a delicate balance with natural conditions.
Our goal is ecological and economical production, without relying on large-scale facilities and with minimum labor.
We challenge ourselves to a process of trial and error in our daily production activities to optimize our organic farming methods.

Packed with the atmosphere of Japan.

Inside an air-tight sealed bag of Sennen Genmai, you will find 3 packs of single serving packed rice. It can be stored at room temperature. To eat, boil in hot water, or use a microwave oven after slightly peeling off the package film.

Storage Method: Long-term storage at room temperature. Please check expiration date on each pack.


 Place rice without opening the container in boiling water (100℃) for 15 minutes.

 or,Microwave at 500w for 1 minute 30 seconds

When using a microwave, peel off a corner of the film package. Rice can be eaten as is, using the tray as a bowl.

Suggested serving recipes

Retort-pretreated after fluffy cooking in a special pressure cooker.

Please enjoy it by heating in a microwave oven or by boiling in hot water.

-Serve with seasonal side dishes on a daily basis.

-Enjoy it with bonito flakes or furikake on top.

-Serve with delicious pickled plums or Nukazuke pickles.

-Serve as onigiri (rice balls) for bento (makes 2 small onigiri).

Please eat as soon as possible after opening.



Sennen Genmai Premium Gift Set (3pacs x 160 g Pre-cooked Brown rice)

Rice :  Organic brown rice “Musubinokami” produced in Mie Prefecture 

Production area : Osato Mutsumiai-cho, Tsu City, Mie Prefecture 34.773,136.491 and surrounding area

Rice cooking method :  Pressure-cooked rice, retorted

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